1. Craft Ginger Beer
    A refreshing, alcohol-free, non-carbonated craft ginger beer.
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    Order your supply of Basotho Heart craft ginger beer.
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    We deliver in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa. Otherwise find us at an event.
Purveyors of the finest craft ginger beer. We started Basotho Heart because we got tired of waiting for someone else to make our favourite drink available to us.

We want to make the drink that we grew up with and love accessible and readily available nationwide and eventually, worldwide.

Find it in Johannesburg at Foghound Cafe and Jackson's Real Food Market.  Otherwise, we'll bring it to you.
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  1. Suzanne Chapin
    All that is worth cherishing begins in the heart, not the head.
  2. Sesotho Proverb
    Noka e tlatsoa ke linokana. Suggested English meaning: Small contributions yield great results.